What Should I Ask When Getting a Home Alarm System?

What Should I Ask When Getting a Home Alarm System?

What Should I Ask When Getting a Home Alarm System? If you’re looking for your first home security system, odds are you’re really not sure where to start. Here are some critical questions to ask when comparing residential alarm systems.

How does the alarm system work? Find out how your specific home alarm system will work. The right home security company will be more than happy to explain the difference between wireless and hardwired systems and how individual sensors will operate within the home.

Is the system tamper-proof? While no alarm system is 100% tamper-proof, you want to make sure critical components are as protected as possible. Power and communication wires and sensors should not be easily accessible outside the home, and all alarm system components should be protected from the elements to avoid damage.

Do I need a monitored system? Any smart home security alarm systems you choose should be monitored 24 hours a day to ensure any triggered alarm notifies a staffed monitoring center to dispatch police or fire rescue. Some alarm systems may only create an audible siren inside the house, which does little to save your property when you’re not home.

What options should I consider for my alarm system? Home automation is one of the most popular options for home security, allowing you to control your alarm system, adjust your thermostat, turn on and off lights and lock or unlock doors from anywhere in the world via internet or smartphone app. Additionally, you may want to look into a home video surveillance system to see and record what’s happening inside and outside your home 24 hours a day.