bolts and fasteners

bolts and fasteners all working together, but this is only in theory.

The design of the power cell ensures that if any of the coils come in contact with an external circuit that the cell is not affected by the current flow. This, in theory, means that there is no risk that a small current will blow through or through the battery while trying to charge the cells or any other electronics inside the battery.

Although the Power-cell is small and lightweight at around 30mm in diameter, we found that it was quite difficult to carry it. Despite the fact it measures in at 22 mm by 12 mm in width, it’s not very sturdy and is easy to lose. We also noticed that the Power-cell was easily picked up by careless people; while using it with power tools or holding it under the table, our daughter would accidentally drop it.

But our biggest concern was what this small power cell could do for our devices. When we plugged in the Power-cell at 100V to our USB converter – we were able to achieve 100% battery life out of the unit once plugged in.