PS 3 repair

ps3-repair-chicago1We are going to talk about video game console repair for the Playstation 3 system. Ps3 repair for yrod (yellow ring of death) and rrod fix (red ring of death). Fixing the Ps3 is not much different then computer repair really.

For the most part when you get the red blinking lights its cause of over-heating and/or thermal paste.  When you get right down to it, repairing a PS3 is a lot like repairing you own computer. You will have to take it apart right down to the motherboard of the system. After you get everything apart all you have to do is clean the old thermal paste off the heat sink and the GPU and CPU. Take a heat gun and be careful with this part, heat the area around the GPU and CPU without melting the motherboard or burning yourself.  Put some more thermal paste back on the unites and put everything back how you found it. Plug it in and see if it worked!